Vinegar or acetic acid (acetic acid) is an organic chemical compound known as a sour taste and aroma in food, besides it can also function as a food preservative. Dilute vinegar is the weakest acid group that is safest for the body. Apart from food, dilute acetic acid is also often used as a water softener in households.

Besides being used in the food and household industries, acetic acid is also used in the production industry of polymers and a variety of fibers and fabrics, and the pharmaceutical industry. The acetic acid used in the food industry must be food-grade acetic acid.

DIXI Vinegar is a vinegar product that meets food quality standards, making it safe to use for a variety of foods and cuisines. Produced from hygienic modern processing, it produces the best quality compared to other food vinegars without changing the appearance and color of the food.

One example of using DIXI Eating Vinegar is for pickled food products. Pickling is intended to preserve food ingredients so that they last longer. Aside from being a preservative, the addition of vinegar also delicates dishes, such as meatballs, salad vinegar, and pempek.

Packing Size

DIXI Vinegar is available in various sizes, namely bottles of 100 ml, 150 ml and 650 ml and 30 liter jerry cans.

DIXI Vinegar is officially registered at MUI and BPOM with registration number: MD 846010007653