Accounting & Finance Staff

Job Description
  • Pendidikan terakhir S1 Akuntansi
  • Memiliki pengalaman pengalaman di bidang akuntansi minimal 1 tahun
  • Mampu mengoperasikan Microsoft Office, terutama Pivot Table, V Look Up
  • Memahami Jurnal Pencatatan Afiliasi & properti. Sistem Akuntansi & Prinsip-prinsip Akuntansi
  • Memahami peraturan perpajakan menjadi nilai tambah
  • Menginput semua transaksi (bank, kas, aset, account receivable & account payable)
  • Melakuan semua administrasi yang dibutuhkan oelh divisi terkait
  • Mampu bekerja teliti
  • Aktif, Cekatan, dan mampu bekerja tim maupun individu

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PT Niaga Terang Sukses is a global trading company which was established in 2008 and we offer quality products ranging from industrial, personal care, food and beverages with distributions in over twenty countries worldwide.

We create industrial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners. We are ready to integrate all these functions with our fruitful expertise. Our numerous competencies enable us to respond to the needs of industries trying to find a new market. If you are a distributor, agents or retailer who is interested in buying quality products for supply, then this opportunity is for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Corporation where we develop and enhance your current business.


  • We strive to be the preferred supplier of our customers and agents, with our products surpassing their quality requirements.
  • Providing quality products & reliable services and also sourcing from putative and reliable manufacturers.
  • To equip our skilled marketing partners in order to fulfill the objectives and goals of sales, market information and impressive client service across the country.
  • Providing timely information to the customers concerning trends of the market dynamics.
  • Striving to meet the increasing and wide-ranging demands of the customers.


PT Niaga Terang Sukses focus is to foster growth and promote enduring business ties with its client. Our customer’s responsiveness and dedication is the driving force in the quest for excellence.

Providing effective and competent supply chain manager, sourcing supply of materials at the door step of the purchasers in numerous products ranging from personal care product, Organic and Natural Cosmetics, Health Care items, food and beverages.


PT Niaga Terang Sukses is proud to be the supplier of these first class quality products across Asia, with its main supply in Indonesia. We are dedicated in conveying quality, healthy and safe products for people everyday needs.